Bamboo Frame Embroidery Hoop - Imported

Material: Bamboo + IronOuter diameter :0.99cm thickInner diameter :13cm/15cm/18cm/21cm/24cm/27cmAdjustment screw length:3.3cmHow to use:1.Embroidery hoops have a adjustment screw that you can tighten when necessary to keep the fabric as tight as a drum2.Not only for embroidery, needlecraft,cross-stitch, hand embroidery (ribbon lace, crewel), embroidery Christmas ornament and quilting you can also...
Color :
15cm 5.9 inch
13cm 5.12 inch
21cm 7.87 inch
18cm 7.08 inch
27cm 10.23 inch
24cm 9.05 inch


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